It Just Does NOT Work

26 Dec

I am sure everyone is familiar with Steve Jobs’ infamous saying “it just works” on Apple products.  However, I am sure anyone who tried Apple’s product knows it is never this easy and simplistic.

I’ve been a high tech enthusiast for a long time, from overclocking a P4 to hacking Windows Mobile (CE) 4, 5, and 6, jailbreak iOS, and rooting Androids.  Heck, I even have my own apps.

There is no denying the fact that Apple does a great job at marketing and branding their products, but as far as having a more superior product or a better UI/UX product, I would have to say not even close.

If I am going to spend $1,000 on a computer or $500 on a tablet, it better do more than browse the internet.  Seriously, Excel and Words don’t even format properly on a PC.  Every single time I send a document over to my boss, the format get all effed up when he opens it on his “It Just Works” computer.  OK, I might be bias here, since MS Office product “should” run properly on PCs.  Let’s take another example, let’s look at the whole Apple ecosystem with iTunes.  Do you dare to tell me that iTunes just effing works?  I am open to any discussion on iTunes with any Apple fanboys out there.  If I want to restore my iPad or iPhone to the same iOS version on iTunes because the product did not work properly, and is now constantly stuck on the boot up screen with the Apple logo in the middle, let me restore it to the same iOS version.  I do not want to be forced to upgrade to iOS 5 when iOS 4 is working well on my device.  Furthermore, iOS 5 is extremely laggy on the iPhone 3Gs.  But wait, you get iCloud with iOS 5. What if I don’t want an old technology that stores all my files on a server somewhere out there? Give me the option of restoring my device to the current iOS version and stop forcing me to “upgrade”.

I thought the hardware (computer, phone, tablet) is supposed to be my device when I purchase it from the store, why am I being forced to sync everything with iTunes and follow the Apple rules and their play god ecosystem?

One last point, when I transfer MP3s via iTunes on to an iPhone/iPod, then connect the device via USB to a computer and use it as a removable drive and transfer the MP3 on to another computer, why in the world would you change the names of MY non-DRM protected MP3 files into symbols that no one can comprehend?  It is amazing how a company goes through extra trouble to make life hard on their users so they can play god.

In conclusion, well, all I wanted to do is apologize to anyone who has asked me to help them on their Mac or iDevices, because if you did, you probably got rejected.  It’s not because I don’t want to help (well maybe that’s not true, I might not want to help, depending on who you are), it’s more or less that after recent years, I begin to understand why I hate Apple with a passion!